On the Loving Mind-Body Awareness by Mary Ussher, narrated by Sue Norton. 

The Loving Mind-Body Awarness is a 20 minute guided meditation for daily practice. It starts: 

'Give your full body-weight to where you are resting. There’s nowhere to go, nothing you have to do at this time. This is a time for complete rest, unconditional love and healing. You are about to do a Loving Mind-Body Awareness. A prayer for healing. Sending loving care to every part of you, every cell and particle....'

On the Meditations by Laurence Freeman, OSB. 

These meditations are written and narrated by Dom Laurence Freeman OSB and are, with his kind permission, included in The Pink Ribbon Path. Dom Laurence is a Benedictine monk, Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation, a contemporary, contemplative community now in more than a hundred countries. He is  author of many articles and books including, The Selfless Self  Jesus: The Teacher Within  and  First Sight: The Experience of Faith. 

First are two pieces on meditation from the CD Being Present.  'A Creative Work' describes meditation as a creative act, a spiritual path, ‘a pearl of great price’.  'Why Do We Meditate?' answers this important question; if we understand why we meditate it’s easier to keep going, and thus to become fully alive.

Then follow four Meditations from the CD entitled Letting Go. The first, called 'Meditation', describes meditation as a way of unlearning, a way of unknowing, bringing peace, ‘refreshingly simple’.  'The Narrow Path' is particularly apt for those on the Pink Ribbon Path, ‘better a narrow path than being lost in a trackless wasteland’. Meditation is the simplification of ourselves, the path that leads to life. 'The Sower' ponders the words of a 5th century master of the spiritual path, Diadochos of Photiki, telling us that meditation is natural and necessary for our human development, the ultimate meaning of which is union with God. ‘The discipline revolutionizes our life’. Sharing the same prefix with ‘medicine,’ meditation is medicine for the soul, ‘med’ having ‘the sense of careful, attentive concern’. The fourth meditation, 'Friendship', shows how meditation helps us to become better friends with ourselves. Gradually we bring those hurt parts of ourselves ‘under the influence of the warm, light radiation of the love that is being released in the depth our being’.