The Pink Ribbon Path is a book, wirtten and compiled by Mary Ussher. It is an invitation not only to women with breast cancer, but to all who are facing serious illness, and those who care for them, amid the whirlwind of medical activity, to find inner wholeness on the Pink Ribbon Path.

It is a path of healing and hope, which once embarked upon becomes a daily joy. The book offers comfort and strength to the thousands of women and men who go through cancer treatment every year, whether for the first time or otherwise.  After treatment, too, the Pink Ribbon Path seeks to help the reader find peace. It is a path for life, inviting a person to feel rooted, rooted in themselves, and rooted in God, who is Love.

Written and compiled during Mary Ussher’s journey through the cancer experience, from Diagnosis and Treatment, to After treatment, And After That Again, The Pink Ribbon Path includes original prayers and reflections as well as extracts from a wide range of sources.  The book is published by Columba Press and all author royalties are going to the World Community for Christian Meditation. 

On this website, you can read the Introduction to the book, poems and other extracts, and download audio reflections and meditations which accompany the book, including reflections by Laurence Freeman OSB.

Photographs on this site which have appeared in Daily Wisdom (World Community for Christian Meditation) are by Dom Laurence and are reproduced with his kind permission.

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